Cassette HD with PLC splitters

Splitters made in the PLC technology placed in the HD fibre cassette allow  dividing of optical power with minimal excesss loss. The type and number of splitters in the cassette are customized to match customer’s requirements. The modular design and Plug&Play solution ensures simple installation and fits into a single slot in the HD chassis. The cassette can be fitted with up to 12 SC simplex, LC duplex and E2000 simplex adapters.

  • Low insertion loss
  • High attenuation uniformity
  • Low excess losses
  • Operating range 1260-1650 nm
  • Cassette height: ½U
  • Splitters and adapters types according to customer needs
Technical Data

1 Customized splitters configurations on request

  • FTTH access networks
  • HFC and cable networks
  • Other optical telecommunication networks
Ordering Information