Measurement services

Fibrain’s Optoelectronics and Fiber-Optic Measurement Laboratory provides services in the area of specialized tests and measurements of devices, components, and equipment for optical telecommunications.

With our diverse equipment, we are able to fulfill orders that require a wide spectral measurement range (e.g. the full CWDM band from 1270 nm to 1610 nm), as well as a very large spectral resolution (e.g. DWDM filters measurements) or vary extensive dynamic range (e.g. return loss measurement below -70 dB).


The laboratory is equipped with high-class measurement devices produced by the most renowned manufacturers, such as a universal measurement platform, an optical spectrum analyzer in the whole CWDM range, a wideband white light source, ORL meters with up to 75 dB dynamic range, one- and multimode OTDR meters, PDL meters for the whole CWDM range, attenuation measurement kits, a laser tunable in the whole CWDM range, and interferometers that allow fiber-optic connectors geometry measurements.


The measurement devices are not everything. The laboratory has a highly qualified and experienced personnel composed of people who have a diverse experience in metrology and optical measurements as well as in all aspects of WDM technology (including CWDM and DWDM).

With all this, we are able to take various unusual orders – questions about nonstandard services are appreciated!

List of the main physical values and parameters measured in the Laboratory:

  • Insertion losses and attenuation, attenuation spectral profile,
  • Optical gain, gain spectral profile, amplifier saturation power
  • Spectral characteristics (channel isolation, attenuation, transmission bandwidth, band ripple) of filters and multiplexers, such as WWDM, CWDM, and DWDM
  • Reflectance and return loss of all optical devices
  • Directional isolation of optical switches, isolators, and circulators
  • Optical power and detector sensitivity measurements
  • Spectral measurements of lasers and other light sources (central wavelength, spectrum width, wavelength stability, SMSR)
  • PDL, polarization extinction, and polarization isolation measurements
  • OSNR and power margin measurements
  • Optical continuity, optical length, unit attenuation and fault location in a fiber-optic connection
  • Interferometric and visual measurements of fiber-optic connectors quality