The principal aim of Fibrain company and a common target of all employees is a constant development of the company’s profile and services, which meet ever-increasing market needs and customer’s requirements. Therefore, one of the main priority is the ongoing expansion and advancement of the manufacturing capabilities. Thanks to highly experienced specialists from various departments, including H&R, company’s development is smooth and consistent.

Naturally, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment provide the possibilities to perform challenging tasks and customize company’s products to meet or even exceed our customers’ needs. Therefore, professional service and individual attitude to customers as well as constant upgrading the company’s offer and products are one of the crucial priorities.


Over 20 years Fibrain company has been constantly evolving and expanding, whereas the crucial and fundamental values have never changed. As a Polish independent manufacturer in the fiber optic market, we pay great and detailed attention to the highest quality, durability and every ins and outs concerning our products. Our core values are:

  • professionalism – characterizes our highly qualified staff, among others, often young and highly-skilled graduates with great commitment to work.
  • respect – presents our attitude to company-customer relations as well as social interactions between employees.
  • honesty – describes our attitude to the law, ethic or moral related norms, which are present in the interpersonal contacts.