Multimode PLC Splitters

The Fibrain FPLC series of optical splitters can be used to split optical power transmitted in a fiber optic link. Versions with a large number of output ports are available while small size of the product is guaranteed by planar technology

Multimode Fibrain splitters are available with split ratio ranging from 1x2 up to 1x16 and also as 2x2, 2x4 and 3x8 as well as asymmetric versions (such as 10/90, 20/80, 30/70, 40/60, 10/20/70, 15/15/70, 10/10/80, 40/40/20, 10/10/10/70). Fibrain MMF PLC splitters are compatible with the standard telecom multimode fibers, from OM1, through OM2 and OM3 to OM4. For special applications, customized MMF PLC splitters are available with non-standard core sizes, including hybrid devices to match different fibers on both ends (for example 50um core diameter on the input side and 400um core diameter on the output side).

Fibrain mutimode splitters ensure very high stability of operation within the whole 750-1350 nm band and have perfect thermal stability, guaranteeing operation in thermal range -40/+85 °C. An important advantage from the point of view of link design and maintenance is the uniformity of attenuation. The splitters are available both without connector terminations (prepared for splicing) and with connectors.

  • 750-1350 nm wavelength range
  • -40/+85 °C operating range
  • Low excess losses
  • High attenuation uniformity
  • Compatible with all multimode fiber standards
  • Wide range of available power splits, including asymmetrical


Technical Data

Symmetrical 1xN splitters

Symmetrical 2xN and 3x8 splitters

1 Additional insertion loss for PLC splitters with connectors: +0.4 dB

2 Uniformity increased by 0.1 dB for PLC splitters with connectors



  • LAN networks
  • Data centers
  • Other optical telecommunication networks
  • Sensor and monitoring systems