Optical couplers are fully passive components of the fiber optic link that allow a division of input optical power among the output ports. We offer a wide range of optical splitters produced in FBT or PLC technologies adapted to various customer needs.

The Fibrain family multiplexers and optical filters in SWDM and FWDM series are produced in different technologies. We offer a wide range of optical filters designed for WDM transmission.

The Fibrain family CWDM solutions (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) are based on TFF (Thin Film Filter) technology. We offer a wide range of devices, such as: CWDM filters, OADM devices, MUX/DMUX modules, and CCWDM.

The Fibrain family of CWDM multiplexers (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer) is a wide array of passive optical solutions allowing for DWDM transmission. Add/drop filters and multi- and demultiplexers with the best transmission parameters are available.

The family of multiplexers in xWDM/xPON series is a wide range of passive solutions allowing for WDM overlay implementation in passive optical networks with GPON protocol.


Fibrain Directivity family devices allow a control of the direction of optical transmission. They are used for constructing fiber links, building optical devices with an emphasized directivity, and in research and development projects.

Fiber-optic attenuators (FO) are passive components of the fiber optic link used for optical power reduction of the transmitted signal so that it fits the working range of a receiver.

In our offer of special passive devices, you can find fiber optic converters for hybrid SM-MM transmission, dispersion compensating modules, reflection filters for OTRD monitoring, and polarization maintaining components, such as PM patchcords, PM splitters, or PM polarizers.

Tests, measurements, and inspection are extremely important aspects of building, installing, and exploiting of every FTTx network. We offer a kit for attenuation measurements, video microscopes for fiber connector inspection, portable power meters for PON and CWDM as well as visual damage localizers. Also, you can find launch fibers and reference MASTER class patchcords for reliable and repeatable measurements.