The ODM VIS400-HDP high resolution inspection video-probe is an indispensable device for every fiber-optic technician and installer. It allows to control the state and cleanness of fiber connectors, helping with elimination of the most frequent reasons of failures and problems in optical networks, that is dirty and low-quality connectors. The probe is equipped with a flexible cable with a USB plug that can be connected to every laptop or tablet, and a connection with smartphones and tablets with Android and Apple operation systems is also possible by an optional Wi-Fi add-on. The replaceable tips allow inspections of most kinds of fiber connectors, both connected to an adapter and on a patchcord. A large field of view and high resolution (1600x1200 pixels live image!) guarantee that no dirt (which could migrate to the fiber core with time) is left unnoticed. A complex, fully automatic Pass/Fail software (compliant with IEC 61300-3-35 or user’s own criteria) allows an easy and fast measurement analysis, results archiving, and report generation, all of which are necessary for network certification. A high resolution and great illumination lead to good quality images of APC connectors even when PC tips are used (contrary to other similar devices). A standard warranty of 24 months is an additional proof of the device’s quality.