The portable Fibrain FPPM PON meter is used for optical power measurements in FTTx/PON active networks with the GPON/GEPON transmission protocol and optionally with the CATV 1550 nm signal. Contrary to standard power meters, the Fibrain FPPM-345 PON meter has built-in 1310, 1490, and 1550 nm filters that allow simultaneous power measurements at three different wavelengths and operates in a transparent mode (i.e. doesn’t stop the optical transmission and is plugged into a link in series), which enables a measurement in both directions at the same time.

The FPPM-345 meter operates in a "burst mode", and it can conveniently measure short bit packages sent from GPON/GEPON network terminations in assigned time slots. Besides the "burst mode", the FPPM-345 meter can also operate in the CW (continuous wave) mode. The unique features of this device are a compound software, a possibility of setting alarm thresholds by the operator, and a large power capacity with a USB port.