The portable Fibrain FOPM-250 power meter is used to measure optical power in fiber-optic links. It is usually applied (together with a suitable light source) for measurements of fiber links attenuation by the transmission method. The FOPM-250 has a built-in large-area wideband detector. A large area of the detector guarantees stable and repeatable measurements, regardless of connector type (UPC or APC). The used photodiode of InGaAs type detects the power in the range of 800-1700 nm. The meter is calibrated for six wavelengths (SM 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 nm and MM 850, 1300 nm). An automatic detection of the received wavelength (in cooperation with a compatible light source) makes the measurements much easier. A large, illuminated display ensures a perfect visibility under any conditions. Built-in rechargeable batteries lower the exploitation costs and guarantee a long time of field works. An integrated visual fault locator (VFL) additionally increases the device’s functionality.