Optical CATV blocking filter
June 2, 2021

Fibrain company introduced to offer miniaturized optical filters used to block TV signal with parallel transmission of GPON network at the 1310/1490 nm wavelengths. The use of a filter effectively prevents the reception of the TV signal by unwanted network subscribers who do not pay for this service, but usethe services of the GPON network. New product in contrast to alternative solutions, filter provides suppression of blocked power which not flow back to transmitter and not pose the risk of introducing additional noise and degrading signal quality, often resulting in transmission interference.The solution also meets the expectations of PON network operators in terms of dimensions thanks to the possibility of placing a filter in a miniaturized metal pipe and is SC or LC type of connector. Additionally on special request it is possible to produce PLC splitters with integrated CATV blocking filter. Details and all technical data are available in the Products tab (here).