1x128 splitters – from SF realm to reality
September 2, 2020

PLC splitters with 1x128 split ratio used to be half-mythical monsters from fairytales, perhaps spoken of, but rarely used in practice. Something seems to change in this regard. To many GPON operators very large splits appear more and more attractive, promising lower network rollout costs. Of course there is no such thing as free lunch, so using 1x128 splitters comes with limitations, as they require a thorough network design and installation, as well as awareness of the actual bandwidth needs of the subscribers.          This is due to the large loss of such splitters and due to the effectively available bandwidth per subscriber. But more operators decide that large splitters are worth their limitations. However, it’s worth remembering that here splitters quality become absolutely crucial, due to a very small margin for error in such networks. Should you decide to use such splitters you need also to bear in mind to use them from a recognized manufacturer!

Together with a leading operator from a Balkan country Fibrain just completed a large project which involved delivering more than 1000 pcs of the PZSP integrated patchpanels with the 1x128 splitters. Who knows, perhaps during your last holidays it was our splitters which helped delivering your evening dose of Netflix?