Adequately trained employees in R&D, PON, and design departments form a team of young people with great commitment to work who can answer all your questions. In our well-developed research facilities which contain one of the most modern laboratories in Europe we are able to check our products operation in various conditions. An appropriate choice of materials for individual component production ensures a high quality of offered products with the best transmission parameters.

Fibrain Academy

A rapidly developing training center with conveniently located branches focuses on expanding knowledge among installers and designers. During meetings dedicated strictly to an interested group, both theoretical and practical knowledge is passed. We also focus on individual company meetings, whose location is not restricted to our company branches. These meetings are also a time to listen to the requirements, preferences, and notices from the participants.


An addition to the individual meetings are prepared information materials dedicated specifically to each group (catalogues, publications, dedicated technical brochures, as well as advices for installers and designers). The catalogues contain all technical information required for project completion.