Fibrain FCPM18/1310 CWDM Meter
December 4, 2013
We would like to inform that Fibrain introduced a unique power meter - the Fibrain FCPM18/1310.
The Fibrain FCPM18/1310 meter is used to measure the power of CWDM channels. Due to built-in CWDM filters, it is able to automatically measure the power of each of the 18 CWDM channels that can be transmitted in an optical link individually. The measurement result is displayed on a color 2.8'' LCD in a user-friendly form of a table or graph, and it can also be saved in the meter's memory and later copied to a computer. The power meter is indispensable for CWDM network installation, maintenance, and service. Despite the various capabilities and built-in software, the FCPM18/1310 meter is simple and intuitive to use, its price is moderate and the price to capabilities ratio is unbeatable.
Among the many unique features and advantages of the FCPM18/1310 meter, the most important are:
  • ​automatic identification and measurement of all the 18 CWDM channels
  • ​​lack of moving part (no scanning), which leads to low measurement time and low failure rates
  • high measurement accuracy and wide dynamic range
  • user-settable offset (e.g. to compensate for losses while using a power monitoring port on a multiplexer)
  • setting alarm thresholds by the operator
  • color LCD, easy to read measurement results presentation as a table or chart
  • data saving (large memory - 1000 records) and transfer to a computer (USB)
  • built-in batteries, USB charger included
  • long battery life
  • small dimensions and weight
  • excellent price to capabilities ratio
All technical information can be found in the datasheet in the Products section. More information about the Fibrain FCPM18/1310 CWDM meter is also available by contacting our sales representatives.